Raw Material & Traceability (Farm To Fork)


After the drying process has been completed, farmers bring their product to Özgür Tarım facilities.

Samples are taken by experts for every trailer of product that has been brought. Sultanas are inspected for their size, colour and visual properties, then classified accordingly. After the assessment and purchasing transactions have been completed, goods are delivered to the unloading conveyor.

In order to obtain quality ensured & sanitary stocking conditions, and to provide complete traceability, sultanas are unloaded into pallet boxes.

Each pallet box is identified by a unique serial ID. These serial IDs are printed on labels and attached onto the pallet boxes.

Records of the farmer, product classification, collaborating agricultural consultants, pesticide providers are recorded under this serial ID, accessible at any time.

Before the sultanas are loaded to production lines for further processing, serial IDs are matched with the relevant production lot number. Hence, complete traceability is ensured, linking the tasty product that has been delivered to our customers, to the internal processing parameters, quality controls, and lastly the vineyards where sultanas are cultivated.