Our Commitment

Quality in Everything We Do

For us, quality is more than just something we taste, see or measure. Quality shows in our every action. We relentlessly strive to exceed the world’s ever-changing expectations, because providing top-quality products to the marketplace is our highest business objective.

Özgür Tarim source their material directly from growers that they have worked with over many years. As part of our quality procedures, the factory has full control of the product from field to final delivery, within which they carry out physical, chemical and microbiological analyses at all of the required stages of the process. Our technical team is fully trained and updated in food processing procedures and controls as well as current legislative requirements. For the Özgür Tarım, quality and food safety are an integral part of each individual process step.

Özgür Tarım is committed to providing superior quality food ingredients that is safe and meets the expectations of international standards and regulations. We are dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in all that produce and supply.

We manufacture as per legal regulations, food safety conditions, customers’ requirements and market necessities. The mainly aim of our food safety policy is to determine, evaluate and to control the probable hazards concerning our production.

Özgür Tarim is conscious that the increase in productivity will be provided by continuous training, perfection and happiness of employees and correctness as well. Scientific and contemporary methods will be the guides to achieve that aim. We’ll be based upon those principles and values an on continuous improvement as well. Our policy will be improve constantly customer satisfaction and to create a perfect company.