Modern Technology – Key Factor For Success


Modern Technology – Key Factor For Success

Özgür Tarım renovated its production lines and incorporated state of the art technologies with a level of precision and stability.

Özgür Tarım plans to continue with this investment strategy in the future in order to remain at the leading edge of dried fruits sector.

The factory is equipped with all the latest processing technology consisting of two production lines and and two retail packaging units. Proction line include aspirators, two cascade washers mounted in line for genuine double washing, five laser scanners and x-ray scanners to enable Özgür to produce the highest quality. All machinery is manufactured from food grade stainless steel.

State of the Art Processing Facility

Özgür Tarım has become Europe’s largest integrated facility for vine fruit processing, with their advanced washing, sorting, packaging and oven treatment systems.

Fully Integrated Automatic Systems

  • 3 Bulk Production Lines
  • 5 Laser Sorters on our unique line*
  • 7 distinct aspirators on each line
  • X-ray scanners, In-Line and box metal detectors on each line
  • Oven Treatment Facilities
  • 4 different types of cellobag packaging capability with weights 25 gr to 5 kg
  • 6 retail packaging lines
  • Pattyn Packaging Automation & Palletizing Robots

* Our bulk production lines incorporate 2, 4 and a world unique 5 successively positioned laser sorters on each particular line.

Gallery of Facility

Daily Production Capacity of 250 Tons