Özgür Tarım sultanas begin the journey from Manisa Vineyards. From the start, grapes are managed with extensive care to ensure the best raisin crop possible.

Grape, requiring lots of endeavor to be grown is a delicate fruit which necessitate manpower at all stages. This hard process starts with a 3-year lasting period, beginning from seed planting to reaping the fruit. Grapevines, pruned carefully in January are bound to the 1,5 meter high sticks from ground. Healthy pruning and hanging operation generate good buds. The vineyard starts to bud with the first days of spring. The small bunches of grapes start to become apparent throughout March and at the beginning of April. These grapes get plump and grow during summertime with the attentive supervision of farmers and under the summer sun.

As the grape bunches grow up, the grapevines require more water to carry their increasing load. Farmers make plenty of and continuous root watering during this ripening period. Lush, filled and heavy grape bunches grow ripe to be harvested towards the end of August. The grapes, reached cutting ripeness are picked up carefully and subjected to the dipping treatment to keep their brightness and flavor.