Our Commitment

Food Safety


Independent agencies, audits by customers, and Özgür Tarım’s in-house inspection team frequently inspect the facility and grounds. In addition, Özgür Tarım has passed Sanitation and Food Safety audits required and performed by the worlds largest sultanas buyers for their vendor approval process.

Strictest Quality Control in Each Step of Production

From sourcing activities, done with contracted farmers, until the end product, we apply the strictest quality control measures in each step of production by virtue of Özgür Tarım’s experinced labor force and management. Products monitored by food technicians and quality control units in collaboration with our own and outside offical laboratories and institutions.

Hygiene is Inevitable During Production Process

A complete food safety program, including GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES and HACCP, assures that the sultanas are processed in the most sanitary environment possible, kept free from contamination. By checking product lot codes during processing the traceability of the raisins is maintained above and beyond customer expectations.

Best Practices

Özgür Tarım has leading industry best practices in place at all levels of the supply chain. These practices ensure that we are able to supply exceptional quality dried fruit products via;

  • Contracting industry leading growers
  • A fully dedicated experienced grower liaison team
  • Quality inspection and assessment program for every fruit purchased from all suppliers
  • The processing and packaging of goods within a state of the art production facility
  • Industry leading quality assurance systems and programs
  • International distribution capabilities
  • Full time dedicated, company employed sales team
  • Customer centered attitude in producing dried fruit to required specifications