Dipping & Drying

Sultanas are dipped in into a solution of water, potassium carbonate and olive oil, in order to fasten the drying process.

Here the grapes are dipped into a solution, consisted of olive oil with certified quality, completely natural and obtained from Aegean Region plains, water and potassium carbonate. This operation preserves the vitamins and minerals in the grape and causes the grapes to dry as fast as possible and have them acquire the golden yellow color. Later on, they are spread on concrete floor and nylon materials to get dry. Their drying period is approximately 7-8 days according to the heat intension. The grapes, saturated with hot sun of the Aegean Region, dried and darkened are sifted for elimination of foreign substances, stalks of the grape bunches and then filled into the fruit boxes.

The products consists of good, sound berries, typical of the current crop which have been sun dried and stored under satisfactory conditions before processing.